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Diibmu njeallje isken diimmu, ja dalle diibmu lei (árvit) njeallje!!! Dan maŋŋá nohkken. Muhto árvit de goas badjánin; kvárta váile guhtta! Ja dalle in gillen šat geahččalit nohkkat, go galgen riššut ja bivttastit ja leat gávpogis ovccis.

Fantastic luck using this type of problem and it comes to one thing once you cant wander down Chatham Substantial Avenue and just take a picture any more. What has the world come to?

I concur absolutely with the last comment by Hg. I've sat with my jaw dropped all over studying this, I'm entirely stunned at this for you and cannot start to assume how awful you should have felt while this was occurring for you – alongside Chatham Significant St of all areas – the petty intruders and true criminals almost certainly had a discipline day filling their pockets while the police busied them selves with you… Unbelievable.

As a person who regularly pictures within the Medway Towns I am chilled by this – how long will it's right before I get nicked?

Holy crap! You cannot even just take shots even though going to places any longer devoid of remaining addressed similar to a prison. I've a friend which is a specialist photographer.

The Reside does have autofocus and an automobile macro method for both video and images, but it is a blessing as well as a curse. It is possible to shoot one thing as shut as 4 inches from the lens out to infinity. But according to your movement or your subject matter's, your video clip might pulse in and out of concentrate.

Abledime – We’re mindful of the new legislation that came into drive before this 12 months. Even so, those relate to terrorism. It's not realistic on any amount for your police to arrest Everybody who normally takes a photograph of them – this just doesn’t do the job at ground amount, specially when inexperienced officers use new regulations unnecessarily and with out discrimination.

You salute her, Cally? Would that be considered a get more info Nazi salute by any probability? It may be true you want to are in a rustic wherever Everyone is tightly controlled while in the name of ‘safety’. If that is certainly correct, emigrate to Russia.

Alex, what can I say. This can be a horrible abuse of electrical power by two or three power crazed idiots. I can only hope that you'll get an apology. I won’t even so be holding my breathe.

This country is jogging amok that’s why it’s the best way it is actually we'd like the law enforcement to accomplish additional if everything. I’m happy the police took this in to there own fingers. It's possible subsequent time you’re display them your ID?

I'm wondering what might have happended to me I haven't any driving license and clearly will not stroll all over with my passport on me so i haven't any way pf ‘proving my ID’.


To feel that we ended up as soon as the envy of the world totally free speech, independence of expression and assembly, now the country is virtualy an open jail. Frightenening isn’t it!!!

@Catkins – many thanks for your personal remark. Just one place to observe up. The knowledge handed to me with the officers at some time specifies: ‘If your research is in community, the police officer can need you to take off only your outer coat, jacket and gloves.

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